Victoria Jutras Kniering



I am just an observer of what is already there, and often, what I see are things that others ignore. In essence, I attempt to bring the viewer of my art into another place, another time. My imagery evolves from a love of myth, magic, alchemy, mathematical ideas, and the natural world.

In both the sculpture, prints and encaustic my choice of form, material, and their juxtaposition reflect a variety of premodern creation myth, the themes of death and rebirth, and the notion of a nurturing presence that permeates all life. In a visceral and often deeply emotional sense, I summon forth a world of possibilities occupying a place between imagination and reality, and the viewer becomes an active participant in the act of creation.. In my prints, drawings, books, and encaustic painting series, I strive to keep a two dimensional history of the physical activity and the feeling of the sculptures not necessarily a representation of the thing itself but the essence of the thing.

The manipulation of light is central to my work. I am interested in creating an ‘’architecture of light’’ which exists within and around the forms to both emulate their dream-like origins and imbue the structures with life.

At a time when we perceive ourselves as separate from “the natural”, it is my ambition to probe, articulate, and reclaim that sense of intimacy and wonder that must have been within our grasp in the premodern era.

Victoria Jutras Kniering


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