The Printmakers’ Network of Southern New England (PNSNE) is a group of established and emerging artist/printmakers, at various stages of their careers. Many are respected educators as well as award winning artists.

Founded in 1992 through the coordinated efforts of local artist/printmakers and the Connecticut Commission on the Arts, the Network’s mission is to advocate traditional printmaking and provide a resource for regional artists working with the transferred image. An equally important goal is to help foster public education about the fine art of printmaking. To that end, the group exhibits regularly and conducts lectures, demonstrations and workshops for both adults and students.

The PNSNE has sidestepped the traditional formalities of operating an organization (i.e. a board of directors with a slate of officers), in favor of a loose-knit network of independent artists/printmakers with common goals. Meeting approximately six times per year, a group coordinator, secretary and treasurer provide consistency and facilitate the execution of collaborative projects.

The PNSNE seeks to preserve and incorporate the tradition of printmaking while encouraging creative expression and experimentation. In today’s rapidly evolving field of contemporary printmaking, the organization facilitates the exchange of information, provides a platform for discussion of new standards, and promotes artistic collaboration. The Network currently has twenty-seven members. Although the majority resides in Connecticut, members also include printmakers from Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New York. Collectively, the groups work showcases diverse subject matter while employing a wide range of processes and techniques associated with contemporary printmaking. Those techniques include: monotypes (monoprint), intaglio (engraving, etching) planographic processes (lithography), relief (woodcuts, wood engravings, linocuts), stencil processes (serigraphs, pochoir), collagraphy, and contemporary non-toxic processes (photo-polymer intaglio, Solarplate)

Over the course of twenty years, the Printmakers Network of Southern New England has produced seven portfolios; a hand bound artist book, and an instructional video.


1994 – “Unabridged”

1998 – “Intimate Prints”

2003 – “Collective Independence”

2005 – “Under Pressure”

2011 – “Micro”2012 – “Score” (twentieth anniversary portfolio)

2014 – “Print 3”

Hand-bound Book 2009 – “Travel” (a collaborative book of original poems and prints)

The PNSNE’s first public exhibition was held at Bradley International Airport in 1993. Entitled “Tools of the Printmaker”, it not only displayed original hand pulled prints but also included the various tools and surfaces used by the printmakers, to create those images. Since then, the PNSNE has mounted over fifty group exhibitions in numerous venues throughout southern New England and beyond, including Washington D.C. and Maryland. The Network routinely garners positive reviews for their exhibitions and has recently been featured in the Journal of the Print World.

Following is a sampling of the many museums, institutions and companies that currently have the groups, or it’s members work, in their permanent collections: Metropolitan Museum of Art, The National Gallery, Neiman Marcus, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Microsoft, Library of Congress, Smithsonian Museum of American History, Taiwan National Museum of Fine Arts, Rhode Island School of Design Museum, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Boston Public Library, Chase Manhattan Bank, General Electric, University of Wisconsin, Villanova University, Portland Art Museum, Knoxville Museum of Art, The Art Institute of Chicago; The Brooklyn Museum, The Getty Art Center, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Yale University, Harvard University, UCLA, Brown University, Stanford University, University of Connecticut and Smith College. The work of the Printmakers’ Network of Southern New England is archived at the Slater Memorial Museum in Norwich, Connecticut.  https://www.printmakersnetwork.org/